Why Infinity Trampolines

At Infinity Trampolines, our #1 concern is the safety of your children. For the previous 25 years we have been in the business of selling safe trampoline to families all across America. That is why all of our trampolines come with safety enclosure nets. There is a reason that our safety nets are double woven and with clips and zipper on the doors to ensure that little ones don't fall out, because we feel that one trampoline injury is too many. That is why all of our trampolines come standard with a minimum 11 gauge steel so that we have the highest rated weight capacity of any trampoline in the market. Our 425lb weight limit is almost 200lbs more than most of our competitors.

Each and every trampoline sold meets or exceeds GS/TUV/ASTM/EN71/CE. Our products must not be confused with budget trampolines. Just the mere shipping weight of our trampolines alone can be over 600lbs. Our trampolines are shipped via freight because it is too heavy to go ground or express. When you see the 18 wheel truck deliver the product to your house you will then realize that you have just purchase a superior piece of equipment and not just a toy.

Our trampolines have been featured on the countless TV and game shows; Price is Right, the Community, and Jessie just to name a few. We are also the trampoline to the stars as well, having sold to Liv Tyler, Dan Aykroyd, Brian Bosworth and many others.

Not only is our trampoline the safest in the market but our quality is second to none. That is why we are confident enough to offer you the best warranty in the market. Why else would we dare offer a lifetime warranty on our trampolines?

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