Safety Tips for Trampolines

Safety Tips for Trampolines

As with any action sport, there can always be the possibility of accidents and injuries. However, if precautionary steps are taken, accidents can be reduced, even eliminated. The following are a number of suggestions to help you enjoy your trampoline and reduce the risk of injury.

1. We do not recommend flips or somersaults on your trampoline. Flips and somersaults can lead to risk of landing on your head or neck, resulting in serious head or neck injury.

2. It's imperative that trampolines have frame pads to cover the springs. If the frame pads are correctly installed and secured, the springs should be completely covered, which will prevent the jumper from jumping into the springs. We always recommend jumping in the center of the mat.

3. Shoving, pushing and fighting should never be permitted in the trampoline.

4. Before attempting difficult maneuvers, learn the basic skills first. Learn to stop your bounce first. Never attempt maneuvers that are beyond your skill level.

5. Always be cautious and never jump if there are people, pets or objects underneath the trampoline.

6. Never dismount from the trampoline by jumping off. Doing so can endanger, both yourself and others standing nearby.

7. Never pull yourself onto the trampoline by pulling onto the frame pad.

8. No more than one person at a time should be on a trampoline. Multiple persons on a trampoline at a time can result in collisions, increase risk of control loss and landing improperly.

9. Shoes or loose jewelry must never be worn while on the trampoline.

10. Loose objects in pocket should always be removed before jumping on the trampoline.

11. Make sure you have proper clearance on all sides and overhead. A minimum of 24 ft overhead clearance is recommended.

12. Make sure the trampoline is on level ground.

13. Alcohol consumption before and during trampolining is not recommended. Alcohol consumption increases impairment and fatigue, which increases the chance of injury.

14. Inspect your trampoline regularly to make sure there are no missing parts, stretched springs, tears in mats or frame pad not properly fastened. Make sure joints are properly fastened and tight.

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