Shipping Information

Infinity Trampolines offers free shipping on all complete combo products, excluding spare parts, to the continental US.  At the discretion of Infinity Trampolines, we may change shipping company due to delivery date availability, rural locations with availability restrictions,  and on rush orders.  Each trampoline order weighs from 350 lbs to 650lbs.   Due to the heavy duty of our trampolines, all orders are contracted and shipped via freight on an 18 wheeler truck.  

Deliveries are made 3-7 working days from the time payment is confirmed (unless ordered on a pre-order which is subject to delay as shown on website). We do not deliver on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays. Shipping company will contact you a day ahead prior to delivery to ensure that someone is present to sign-off and drop-off.  In the event your destination is a rural location or where there are limited access for an 18 wheeler truck to gain access to your destination, there may be unforseen delays.  Other exception for delays may also be during peak holiday season or serious weather conditions.

Any orders received on Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays and orders received after 12pm PST on weekdays, will be processed the next working day.

Next day deliveries are available for an added cost if available. Please call or email us for further information based upon location. 

The couriers are contracted to deliver your trampoline to curbside. However it is at the driver's discretion if he is willing to help to move the trampoline further. Please note that any redelivery charges will be handed on to you if you are not available when you have booked the trampoline for delivery. The goods must be signed for, as they are large value freight items.

While we agree to use all reasonable endeavors to ensure that delivery is made around the delivery time advertised, you will acknowledge that actual delivery is contracted via third party suppliers and carriers and is therefore beyond our control. Please ensure all personal details are correct at time of order as this may lead to problems or delays in delivery, so before placing your order, please ensure that you have included the full address details, including accurate postcode of the delivery address and your daytime contact telephone number, mobile number and e-mail address so we can contact you in the event of a delivery problem.

Inaccessible Roads or Curbside
In rare situations where the freight shipping company cannot access the customer's road or curbside, due to long narrow, unsafe roads, and/or undeveloped rural areas, customer is required to pick up their trampoline from the local freight shipping terminal. It is the responsibility of customer to coordinate with shipping company if delivery situation is unique.

Lift-Gate Request
Infinity Trampolines are extremely heavy and require multiple persons to carry. Shipping company delivery person is only required to drop the trampoline at curbside. If customer requests for lift-gate, customer will be required to pay for additional lift-gate charges. Additional lift-gate charge could range from $50-100, depending on shipping company. Delivery person is NOT required to drop trampoline in front of driveway, customer's back yard or customers' desired drop-off location. Again, shipping is only curbside delivery.

Reschedule Fee
If customer has set appointment with shipping company, but customer doesn't appear at time of appointment ("no-show"), shipping has to be rescheduled. Shipping companies charge additional for "no-show" rescheduled appointments, which is the responsibility of the customer.

It is the recipient's responsibility to sign for the correct number of packages as shown on the carrier's delivery consignment note. Shortages must be noted on the consignment note where possible. You should notify us of the shortages within 7 days of delivery to

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